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U-Crown I Metal wiredrawing appearance, two-stage compression, 1Hz inverter technology, IFD dedusting technology. Metal wiredrawing appearance High-quality metal wiredrawing and aluminium alloy case; elegant U-shaped body and dustproof seamless design. wo-stage compressor for super cooling and heating in ambient temperature -30℃~54℃ Gree two-stage compressor can heat normally and cool normally under extreme temperature without increasing power consumption. Air outlet temperature can reach 50℃ in ambient temperature -20℃ and 13℃ in ambient temperature 50℃ respectively. 1Hz inverter technology; constant temperature operation; power input as low as 15W Gree 1Hz inverter technology won China National Science & Technology Progress Award. Unit can achieve constant temperature operation, with power input as low as 15W. *Note: 15w means the minimum power for 9000btu, 12000btu and 18000btu models to operate stably at 1Hz under ideal condition. Motional air distribution technology Big air guide louver allows 180°up&down swing and 130°left&right swing. Air distribution is much wider, with cooling from top to bottom and heating from bottom to top FD dedusting technology removes PM2.5 efficiently U-Crown not only adjusts air temperature, but also improves air quality. IFD dedusting technology removes PM2.5 efficiently to protect your health. 4 kinds of sleep modes Sound sleep mode: set temperature is close to body temperature and will adjust automatically and intelligently. Good sleep mode: before you get up, set temperature will decrease or increase automatically to refresh you in the morning Siesta mode: set temperature will be adjusted according to siesta characteristics to effectively increase your sleep quality. DIY mode: you can set temperature curve and sleep time as you like E-joy button for controlling five comfortable modes User can enjoy 5 modes(Cooling, Cool, Comfort, Warm, Heating) by pressing E-joy button. The unit can adjust indoor temperature, humidity and air fl

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